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Share Your Favorite Corvette Memory, Win a Travel Mug!

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Share Your Favorite Corvette Memory, Win a Travel Mug!

Old 08-08-2018, 07:32 PM
IB Jason
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Default Share Your Favorite Corvette Memory, Win a Travel Mug!

After the success of our Share Memories of Your First Corvette contest, we're back at it again for one more Revved Up Summer giveaway! This time, we want to hear about your favorite Corvette memory. Whatever the generation, regardless of whether it's a Corvette you owned or just one you pined for, tell us about your favorite or most memorable Corvette experience in a reply to this thread and you could win one of ten CorvetteForum Travel Mugs (pictured below). This contest ends on August 20, so be sure to share your memory before then for your chance to win.

Full contest rules can be found below. Special shout out to forum member Vette5311 for the contest idea. Good luck!
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Old 08-09-2018, 12:20 AM
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Default The best road trip

My favorite Corvette memory was my trip down Rt 66 last year and having it highlighted on the forum:
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Old 08-09-2018, 02:23 PM
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My favorite memory was when I bought my first Vette. It was a 2010 Coupe (red, of course), M6. Flew from KC to Denton, TX to pick it up. Took my best friend with me (bought his plane ticket), and we flew with no luggage, got a ride from Love field to the dealership, and within an hour, we were on the way home. We had an absolute blast driving that car from TX back to KC. Was a one-day round trip affair...will never forget it.

Ended up selling the car six months later, to buy a 2012 GS...was in LOVE with the widebody. Now, I have a 2019 GS on order, after owning the 2012 for four years, selling it in 2016, and missing it ever since!
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Old 08-09-2018, 02:32 PM
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My dad bought (now my) 1981 Corvette in 1984. I was only 14 at the time and then really didn't care too much about cars. They were just conveyance appliances as far as I was concerned. The Corvette, though, sparked my imagination. It's long hood and swooping fenders, the tight waist and those big, fat tires. All of a sudden, in a world where K-cars and Chevettes were like bison on the American plain, this car was more than an appliance. The last example of a time when cars were designed for pure sensory enjoyment. Aerodynamics be damned! I have a four speed and a Chevy V-8 wheezing out 190 anemic horsepower. Well, dad did anyway.

One morning dad drags me out of bed early. I don't remember how early, but I'm pretty sure there were bars that still hadn't had last call yet. We were going to my grandmother's house about 90 miles away. Still groggy, I lumber to the car and slump down in the passenger seat, hoping to get another hour or so of sleep before we get there even before the crack of dawn.

Sadly, dad's appreciation for "Bread" and "Three Dog Night" prevented the continuance of my precious sleep. I settled in and tried desperately to mute out the sound to no avail. At one point in the journey, we dipped down into a valley and the cool air created sheets of fog that stretched across the road before us. I remember watching with fascination as the fog broke over the open headlights, was channeled into the valley between those fender peaks and then jetted off either side of the windshield. For a brief moment, I could see aerodynamics. It was glorious. I was awake the rest of the trip just hoping for more fog.

Today, I look at my poor Corvette, handed down to me years ago, desperately in need of restoration and I look at those big, sweeping fenders and that tight waist and I love it as much today as I did on that chilly, foggy morning.
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Old 08-09-2018, 07:01 PM
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When I was a young man of 8 years old I had a paper route in Iowa. A doctor who lived on my route was a customer of mine and a really nice man. It was 1953 and this doctor actually won a 1953 Corvette (I don't know how this happened), and he always parked it on the street in front of his house. The screens over the headlights, the white paint and red interior along with the 'modern day' look of the car fascinated me. One day when I was collecting for the papers, I mentioned how much I admired that car. He gave me a ride in it that day, and from that moment on I 'had to have one'.

A couple of years later, I had saved enough money to purchase a Schwinn "Corvette" to ride while delivering papers. I believe it cost around $90, which was a tidy sum for a kid.

I bought my first real Corvette in 1969. I had gotten out of the army, marred, and somehow convinced my new wife that the Corvette, for sale, down the block would fit into our life style. It was a 1964 Daytona Blue over white convertible. I currently own a low mileage C-5 and a C-7. I'm 73+ years old and the bug is still with me.
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Old 08-09-2018, 11:07 PM
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My mom and dad bought a 1978 Corvette in white, we traveled from Radcliff, KY. To Owensboro, KY. Where after all the pleasantries were exchanged and papers signed we loaded up in the car. My mom drove I jumped in the back and my dad settled into the passenger side when we promptly went to a dept store to get my mom a pillow so she could see over the hood. We drove about 2 hours home with me laying in the back of the car looking out the back window up through the trees into the sky. And then a few weeks later we drove to Indianapolis, IN. in the same configuration. The first time I got to ride in the passenger seat I thought I was **** of the walk!!!
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Old 08-10-2018, 12:08 AM
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Originally Posted by olblue75 View Post
My mom and dad bought a 1978 Corvette in white, we traveled from Radcliff, KY. To Owensboro, KY. Where after all the pleasantries were exchanged and papers signed we loaded up in the car. My mom drove I jumped in the back and my dad settled into the passenger side when we promptly went to a dept store to get my mom a pillow so she could see over the hood. We drove about 2 hours home with me laying in the back of the car looking out the back window up through the trees into the sky. And then a few weeks later we drove to Indianapolis, IN. in the same configuration. The first time I got to ride in the passenger seat I thought I was **** of the walk!!!
Amazing how spacious it was back there!
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Old 08-10-2018, 10:08 AM
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Default Space

Originally Posted by VegasJen View Post
Amazing how spacious it was back there!

When you're a little fella it wasn't to bad.
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Old 08-10-2018, 01:00 PM
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Default My Favorite Corvette Memory

My favorite Corvette memory was the day I bought my first Corvette, a white 1959 that was in the middle of a restoration. It was way back in April of 1984. I was working at Federal Mogul in Ann Arbor, MI, and a co-worker told me a friend of his was selling an old Corvette, and asked if I'd be interested. I had a rather rough 55 Chevy at the time, and thought it would be a nice upgrade, so I went and looked at it. I took a buddy with me who was well versed in C1s, since I knew nothing about them, and this one was in lots of pieces... After a lengthy inspection, my buddy told me if I didn't buy the car, he was going to, right then and there. That was a good enough endorsement for me, so I agreed on a price and arranged to come back with a trailer in a few days and drag it all home. This is when the story gets interesting.

Another buddy of mine, who I worked with at Chrysler Proving Grounds in Chelsea, MI, and at Federal Mogul, arranged with his Brother in Law to use his trailer to pick up the car and all the boxes of parts. He offered to come along and help load it up, despite the fact that his wife was pregnant, and due any time. Well, as we were loading the car on the trailer, my buddy got a call from his wife to get his A$$ home, as her water had just broke. He made it back home in time for the birth of his first child, a daughter. She was born that day, April 22, 1984. Now, whenever I want to know how long I've had my Corvette, I just ask him how old his daughter is! 34 years and counting. By the way, My buddy and I still work together, at yet another company. We've worked together since 1978, and we now live a couple of miles from each other, and regularly socialize and even take vacations together! I'm looking forward to many more adventures with my car(s) and my friends!


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Old 08-10-2018, 01:01 PM
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My favorite Vette memory.

In the late 60ís I was just about to turn 19. I was taking the girl of my dreams on a first date to the drive-in movies my (new to me) 1964 Corvette. **************************************** ** (the rest censored).

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Old 08-10-2018, 01:10 PM
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In 1963 I was 7 years old and a man who worked for my dad brought him home from work in a brand new red 63 Corvette convertible. He let me straddle the console and shift the gears, that was it i was hooked. I collected every newspaper and magazine picture and ad of Corvettes for years. I vowed someday I would have a Corvette of my own.
In 1976 I was living in Wisconsin and was able to order my first Corvette. I will never forget picking it up at the dealership when they called and told me it had arrived. The smell of the leather interior and the feel of the black Chrome shift **** in my hand as I drove it out of the dealership lot. It was my dream car, finally. Well alas, life intrudes and since you can't live in a car i tearfully had to sell my dream car.
Flash 41 years ahead. I am living in Salt Lake City UT and I never forgot about my car. I thought someday i would love to track it down. I tried everything to find the car still in Wisconsin i thought. I went to every web site, every Corvette club and finally contacted the Wisconsin Motor Vehicle Department. They sent me the owners address so I wrote to them on Thanksgiving Day. To make a long, but very interesting story, short the owner called me on Christmas day and the very same car I bought new in Wisconsin is now sitting in my driveway here in Utah.
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Old 08-10-2018, 05:05 PM
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My favorite memory is my 2015 13,500 mile road trip.

Visited few historical landmarks, Corvettes at Carlisle, Yellowstone, NCM, Key West, Tail of the Dragon, much more and back home.

The Ghost broke down in Elyria, OH. A half-shafts u-joint popped, got it towed to the nearest motel, bought a new u-joint in Autozone and DIY next day. It was a bitch to install it without a press. The next day the Google car got me. I drove The Ghost as close as I could to the end of the road on Key West, the view is to the east facing the Gulf of Mexico.

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Old 08-10-2018, 05:20 PM
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My favorite Corvette memory:

For years, I have wanted a Corvette but family came first and the money just wasn't there. After retirement and the kids gone, again I started looking at ads. My wife commented that she didn't know the flame still burned but I got her approval to continue looking. Finally found my dream; 2004 machine silver convertible with 8,000 miles, excellent condition. Took the drive and sealed the deal. The memory came on Christmas 2017, it was in the garage with a red bow on the hood. My 70th birthday was just around the corner and she asked what I wanted for my birthday. I told her we hadn't had a top down run yet ..... her comment was, "8:30 PM, 27 degrees outside..." I just looked at her and she commented,"Let me get my coat".... Beautiful ride that night !!!
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Old 08-12-2018, 10:25 AM
Kevin A Jones
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My favorite memory was the ordering/purchase of my first. It was a new 1975 silver/red leather beauty that I ordered when I was 17. It cost me around $7600 which I paid cash for from my lifetime savings from cutting grass, rebuilding small engines, delivering papers and working in a grocery store.
I guess it took several months (seemed like forever) for my Vette to be delivered and I visited the dealership about once a week to check status from my salesman and look over the 1 or 2 Corvettes they had in stock. One Saturday afternoon, I stopped by and there was a car carrier in the lot with a shiny silver Corvette loaded on it and once I got close enough to see it had red seats, I knew it was mine. I can’t even describe how excited I was. I told the driver it was my car and guess he believed me because no one could be that excited if it wasn’t theirs.

He took it off the carrier, got out and handed me the keys and pointed towards the holding lot, I got in and drove it into the lot. Picked it up the next Monday evening.
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Old 08-13-2018, 02:02 AM
Skid Row Joe
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Not only did CF forum send me a beautiful Corvette Forum Travel Beverage Container, they asked me the best way to ship to my residence/office!

I cannot wait to meet many of the CF Moderators!
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Old 08-13-2018, 09:40 AM
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Had a friend in high school who had as his first car, a '65 GTO.purchased by his dad. He blew the engine in that so his dad had a bigger one installed. The next year they traded it for a Corvette. Nice car but pretty standard. One day he was pulling into the A&W and got caught between a parked car on one corner, and a car trying to pass on the opposite. I was riding by on my bicycle at the time. Car looked beautiful but everything was leaking out of the bottom.

So his dad ordered a new Corvette... '67 and they had to wait for the official unveiling before they could even see it. That was an awesome car... lakers and a neat hood... and a great sound but no heater (in the Colorado mountains). That was my idea of a perfect automobile. It took me until 2003 before I could own a Corvette. Oh and that '67... it was one of the few with an L88 engine. Guess his dad was also a car guy.
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Old 08-13-2018, 01:49 PM
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Default Memories

It was when I was 12 years old. My brother had just purchased his first corvette. It was a 1956. He took me to school the next morning and I was the envy of my classmates. Can still see the looks in their faces. Needless to say, I have been a Corvette Fanatics ever since.
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Old 08-13-2018, 04:40 PM
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I was fresh out of high school, working as a truck driver for Philadelphia Electric Company. I wanted to buy a car and when I saw this 62 yellow vette go by with a for sale sign, I knew that was going to be my car. I bought the car for $2300.00 with 70k on the odometer. The year was 1968. I signed up for Line school shortly after buying the vette and drove it into Philadelphia each day for 6 weeks. Loved the ride down the expressway into Philly. After school, I was on my way to work one day and my buddy, driving a hi performance Mustang, challenged me as we got on the bypass. I downshifted into second and ran up to 90, shifted into third until 110 and then hit 4th. I lost the Mustang as my speedo hit 160. When we got to work, he asked me how fast I was going and I told him, he said he just left off and could only see my tail lights. He never challenged me again, and I am glad to be alive today.(Young and stupid)
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Old 08-13-2018, 10:24 PM
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Mikes 2016 Corvette Z51 Coupe

I started closely watching the C7 as soon as it was announced. I fell into the camp of those who hated the new tail lights. Letís face it the Corvette has had round tail lamps for a long time. That was until the I was able to see them at the national corvette museum in April of 2013 when Chevy made two cars available to the corvette community. How and why did I attend the 2013 NCM Bash? Bonnie had asked me if I wanted to accompany her to Atlanta on a business trip. I told her about the 2013 Bash being held at the National Corvette Museum at the same time. We decided that she would fly into Atlanta on business and I would fly into Nashville rent a car, attend the bash, then drive down and meet her in Atlanta at the end of the week. This plan worked out great, so great in fact that we took an additional 10 days and made a vacation out of it, but that's another story.

Back to the tail lites, once I was able to see them up close I started to appreciate the design and angles which were complemented by the aggressive look of the entire car. After attending the hour long briefs on the mechanicals of the car I got to see a number of the new components going into this new car. They had new component parts displayed around the room. In many cases they had the C6 part next to the new C7 part so you could compare the differences. The new rails, electric steering, a cutaway of the new seats plus much much more.

The two cars on display were a Night Race Blue coupe with the Brownstone interior and a Laguna Blue convertible with light gray interior. I knew then and there that if the C7 would be my next car then it would be with that Brownstone interior. The Brownstone reminded me of a favorite baseball glove I owned as a kid. The one i oiled to make it soft and playable, the more you oiled it the darker it got. You remember the rich soft dark brown leather look. Pictures do not represent this leather at all, you have to see it in person to really appreciate it.

My C6 was a 2006 model and I decided that the 2016 model year would be when I would pull the trigger and order. Since I have always held most of my cars for 10 years then I would need to wait awhile. I watched and waited as friends and acquaintances both in the club and out ordered and received their new C7's. While I was happy for them it was very hard on me to continue to wait. To keep me distracted i kept my focus on the Corvette Forum for news about the car as it evolved. I found myself constantly building MY car in my head over and over again. Every model year brings new features and if you wait long enough you'll get the corvette of your dreams.

Mine turned out to be this 2016 Z51 coupe with a new color called Long Beach Red, 3LT brownstone interior, chrome wheels, eight speed automatic, magnetic selective ride along with navigation which now included the performance data recorder. My car was scheduled as one of the first to be built in this new color. The color was put into production in late July and mine was built in August. I tracked the event timeline line on the production process with help from my dealer who provided updates at each change in status. Once built it was shipped by truck to Toledo Ohio then loaded on a rail car. With the knowledge about the rail car number and the right phone number I was able to track the trip route across the country. Yes, that is a picture of the actual rail car. Betcha didn't know there are rail car aficionados out there that track and take pictures of rail cars then post them on the www. Kinda sounds like a bunch of Corvette folks I know.

My brother in law, Brian, had previously ordered a 2014 Blade Silver Coupe and offered to drive me to Montana
to pick up my new ride and together we would drive home on a pre planned route off the interstate at least for the first
500 miles. Alton another Corvette friend and aficionado also joined us in Billings and between the three of us and the two cars we had a great trip home. Every stop for gas or food over the next two days was an opportunity to change cars and drivers. It was a good thing that at least one car was being broken in otherwise some of us would surely have gotten tickets! Those are cows on the road, hard to see in this picture because of the sun. The wind was blowing towards us and they were drooling big gobs of slimy stuff all over the cars. Of course this did not compare to the cow dung covering the sides of the cars. We didnít see just how bad it was until a few more miles up the road we stopped for gas. The clean up would have to wait. Alton offered and I accepted the stop at his house to wash it before taking home to my lovely Bonnie. Thus ended my trip to pick up this wonderful piece of moving art.


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In the early spring of 1985 we had our 1965 which we were starting to show on the circuit, we had just joined our local Corvette Club and quickly realized that we needed a separate Corvette for the fun runs and trips the club put on. (Ok say what you want about me; but when you have a dedicated show car, driving it is not the enjoyment side, the winning is)

So in June of 1985 we went to the Mecum/Bloomington Corvette Auction. The wife and I rode with friends down to it, and began our search for our next ride. About 1/3 of the way through Saturdays auction this silver '73 Coupe w/auto and air came down the line. Quick once over and the heart started racing... You guessed it, SOLD!!!

Here is where the real fun began, We had taken the next week off for vacation, so what the hell, threw our bags in the car and instead of heading home, left on a 7 day adventure through Kentucky and Tennessee. No Plan, even had to stop and buy an atlas, just money in hand and a car we knew nothing about. It was one of the best vacations we have ever had... We still talk about the dive in Louisville we stayed at because it was the ONLY place not sold out for the races. Or the "Grass Hopper" drink we had in Lexington made with cream milk and ice cubes instead if Ice Cream (In case you are wondering, the cream version tastes like ****!),

Living the adventure, Isn't that really what the Corvette Lifestyle is all about?
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