Crank Up the Volume and Listen to This 1200-HP Corvette Roar!

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The current production Chevy Corvette Z06 pumps out an incredible 650 horsepower from its supercharged V8 engine, making it one of the fastest sports cars in the world. Now imagine having nearly twice that horsepower!

This adrenaline-packed video, courtesy of High Tech Corvette, brings us a hot red C7 Corvette Z06 highly modified to eat quarter-mile drag strips for breakfast. This unique machine built by Late Model Racecraft has gone through a complete engine rebuild, along with suspension, brakes, and other major components to make it mega-horsepower friendly. According to the video’s title, this Corvette Z06 puts out a total of 1200 horsepower.

Judging by the 9.7 second quarter mile time at a speed of nearly 140 mph, there’s every reason to believe that this bad boy can put down all that horsepower down to the ground. Now turn up the volume and enjoy the video!

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Via [High Tech Corvette]

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