1978 Corvette Pace Car Has 128 Miles and Huge Price Tag

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Corvette Pace Car

One of the nicest ’78 Corvette Pace Cars in existence also commands a pretty impressive price at auction.

Corvette Pace Cars have always been collector’s items. And even back in the ’70s, there were plenty of aspiring flippers willing to store these cars away, neglecting to drive them for decades. All with the hope that one day, they could turn these “investments” into retirement cash. But the truth is, that brilliant idea hasn’t panned out all too well. Except for the seller of this 1978 Corvette Pace Car we spotted on eBay, that is.

With a final hammer price of just over $79k, we’d say they did pretty well for themselves. Maybe not enough to make up for storing a car like this for 40 years, but that’s still a pretty hefty profit over the original sticker price. But don’t get all excited just yet. This is one of the nicest ’78 Corvette Pace Cars on the planet, which might just justify that lofty selling price.

Corvette Pace Car

With a mere 128 miles on the odometer, it’s easy to see why. And even though it (shockingly) isn’t the lowest mile example in existence, that’s still pretty darn good. From the outside, this pace ‘Vette sure looks like it just came out of the wrapper. The paint, graphics, wheels, glass, and tires help make it look like it just rolled off the assembly line. Clearly, the previous owner(s) knew how to preserve a car.

Corvette Pace Car

It’s about as minty fresh as a ’78 Corvette Pace Car can possibly be. And even though the later C3s don’t get a whole lot of love, you have to admit that these Pace Cars are probably the best looking plastic bumper ‘Vettes ever made. Couple that with the fact that perhaps these pristine, virtually zero mile examples are drying up, and maybe we’ve got the next big Corvette collector boom on our hands?

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