2001 C5 Chevrolet Corvette: LS6 Engine, Pricing, and Performance

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The LS6 was introduced in the 2001 Chevrolet Corvette (the year the Z06 Vette was re-introduced) as a higher powered version of the LS1. The engine used the LS6 designation, which is the same as the big block 454 cubic inch engine of the 1970’s. The engine in the 2001 Chevy Corvette produced 385 horsepower (287 kW) with 385 lb. ft. of torque (522 Nm); in the 2002-2004 models of the car, the motor was improved to put out 405 horsepower (302 kW) and 400 lb. ft. (542 N•m) of torque. 

Based on the LS1 motor configuration, the engine displaced 5.7 L (346
cubic inches) and had a higher compression ratio: 10.5 to 1 versus 10.1
to 1 for the LS1. It also sported larger fuel injectors, sodium-filled
valves along with beefier valve springs, faster oil return, and
improved crankcase pressure management. The LS6 also had a titanium
exhaust system which was less restrictive and weighed less than
previous systems. The LS6 was further distinguished by red engine
covers. A base 2001 Corvette set you back $40,475. Options could
increase the price to as much as $47,500.

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