2007 Corvette Review

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If you are thinking about buying a 2007 Corvette you may have already done some research on the vehicle. Chevy Corvettes are without question one of those legendary vehicles. They are a Chevrolet, but yet they are beyond it. America’s version of the European luxury sports cars, Vettes have been the stuff of dreams since their debut in the 1950’s and the 2007 model is worthy of the legend.


New For 2007 Model Year

Apparently the people at Chevrolet believed that there’s not too much you can do to improve on the Corvette. In fairness, they made major upgrades a couple years earlier. The changes for the 2007 model year were minor. They did make some changes to the brakes to allow the 2007 Corvette to have better stopping capabilities. They also increased the glove box space, but beyond that there were only audio changes and one new exterior color added. The audio enhancements include steering wheel controls for the audio system and a Bose upgrade. There were two new editions added for the 2007 model year: an Indy Pace Car convertible and a Ron Fellows Z06.


Excellence in Terms of Reliability

For years Corvettes have proven that Chevrolet knows how to make them reliable. When looking at reviews posted from mechanics and owners (and these are the people who really know the vehicles in terms of long term use) have shown the Corvette to be a very dependable vehicle. According to them, the ?Vette has infrequent problems. When problems do show up there are generally inexpensive to fix. That makes for an exceptionally reliable vehicle.



One of the reasons people by a Corvette is for the performance, and the 2007 version can definitely deliver. The base model comes with a 6-liter V8 that delivers 400 horsepower and the Z06 has a 7-liter that ups the horse power by over a hundred.


More Affordable Then European Sports Cars

If you look at the pricing for a used 2007 in the first part of 2010 you’ll find that they are much more affordable than the European competition. You can expect to pay in the neighborhood of 25 to 50 thousand dollars, depending on the model.

Owning a Corvette is like owning a piece of automotive history ? no matter what model or year you buy. The 2007 Corvette definitely continues that fine tradition.

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