3000 Horsepower Corvette Needs Wings

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airborne corvette

Drag cars are unpredictable beasts. With horsepower ratings reaching into the thousands, it becomes very easy to flip, twist, or break yourself while attempting to pilot these manic machines down the drag strip. It’s why these cars have drag chutes, canopies, and other mechanical devices to attempt to keep them glued to the pavement. However, as stated above, no matter what you do, drag cars are unpredictable, as the driver of this Corvette found out.

At last year’s Texas Invitational, this heavily modified C6 Corvette with twin 88mm turbos, nitrous, and a ton of other aftermarket parts, decided that it no longer wanted to be a car, but rather a bird. With over 3,000 horsepower pushing it over 100 miles per hour, the Corvette attempts to brake and deploy its chute. This does not go well and it streaks across the runway and over a set of berms, which launches the Corvette into the air.

And that’s the second time the Corvette had a problem. Earlier in the video it missed the end of the runway and almost went into the water!

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