‘71 Corvette SportsWagon Is Truly a Unique Collectible

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Wagon front

Here’s a piece of American nostalgia just waiting to be picked up on eBay.

The ’71 Corvette SportWagon has an asking price of $55,000, which isn’t bad, given the rich history surrounding the car, even though it hardly fits the mold of a traditional classic.

Built by legendary customizer Chuck Miller, this Corvette SportWagon was one of six created by Miller at his Styline Custom Body Shop in Michigan, according to Corvette Blogger. But unlike the others, this brown and tan model was Miller’s own personal vehicle, giving it a little more historical appeal than the others.

The vintage ‘Vette Wagon features a 350-ci/270-hp V8 mated to a 3-speed Turbo Hydra-Matic auto transmission and is listed as mechanically perfect. Other details include the original ’71 chrome bumpers and a pair of fixed headlights accented by the car’s custom grille, as highlighted on eBay.

Of course, it’s that custom rear cargo area that really makes this Corvette a collectible. That, and the car’s classic exterior color, known as Custom Ginger Honey. She sure is sweet, right?

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Via [Corvette Blogger]

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