5 Starring Movie Roles for The Bubble Ray Corvette

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There’s no doubt you’d turn a few heads while driving “The Bubble Ray” Corvette around town. But the great thing about it is that you’d probably have a better view than anyone checking you out, given its odd removable top.

The one-of-a-kind show car, which we covered here at Corvette Forum a couple of months ago, seems to be gaining a lot more buzz, as evident in a recent GM Authority report. So we decided it’s now worthy of a starring role in a few movies and TV shows. Having some fun, we’ve come up with five below that would be a perfect fit for engineer Andy Reid’s unique 1975 Corvette.


1. A live-action remake of the popular cartoon The Jetsons, where the family mistakenly winds up in Los Angeles with The Bubble Ray serving as their primary mode of transportation.

2. Set in current day, a Back to the Future/Hot Tub Time Machine inspired TV series where a person travels through time on a mission to reset the world on a path to total peace.

3. A starring role in the next installment of the hit franchise movie Cars, where The Bubble Ray is called on to save the world.

4. A game show set in New York where The Bubble Ray becomes a sort of Name That Tune on wheels for unsuspecting Uber riders.

5. A spoof on the Fast and the Furious franchise called Wild & Crazy where a group of misfits set out to save a fleet of stolen custom cars taken from SEMA, including The Bubble Ray.

Okay, so maybe two through five are a bit of a stretch. But you get the point. This isn’t your typical Corvette.

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Via [GM Authority]


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