Tie-Dyed C7 Z06 Corvette Gets Mixed Reviews at GM Nationals

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Not exactly the typical kind of Corvette you expect to see at a respectable car show, right?

That said, this wild C7 sure seems to have generated quite a buzz. Since being posted on June 20, the YouTube video below featuring the custom wrapped Corvette has already racked up more than 1.3 million views. But you probably can attribute all those numbers to a few things beyond just the wrap.

1.) Street Speed 717, the team that posted the video, seems to have quite the social media following.

2.) It’s one unique-looking Corvette Z06.

3.) Most folks just aren’t used to seeing a Corvette painted like something straight out of a gumball machine, especially not at a prestigious event like the GM Nationals.

Now, that’s not to say that we haven’t come across some pretty wild C7 wraps and paint jobs before, because we have. But in most cases, they’ve typically had some deeper meaning than just fueling a social media campaign.

Then again, we get the sense that protecting the heritage of Corvettes isn’t a top priority for these guys.

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Via [AutoevolutionStreet Speed 717]

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