Here’s Betting You’ll Love “The Bubble Ray” Corvette

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The Bubble Ray

Love it!

Everything about this thing says that rules are meant to be broken in any and every way imaginable.

Now, typically, I’d be dead set against a mod that converts a car as classic as the 1975 Corvette into some wild-looking hot rod. But this is one beautiful looking piece of American metal we came across in a recent Las Vegas Weekly report, that’s certainly deserving of a front page post here at Corvette Forum.

Maybe it’s the photo that gets me, shot by the paper’s Mikayla Whitmore, which seems to really capture the character of the car, known as “The Bubble Ray.” It reminds me of when I was a kid and would post pictures of cool cars on my bedroom wall.

It also could be the story behind the SEMA build. The car is owned by a Gary Reid, who paid $1,000 for it nearly a decade ago. Reid, a Las-Vegas-based engineer, says the car was inspired by Ed Roth and Rat Fink-era hot rods, which would explain the car’s design, as well as that proud look on Reid’s face.

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Via [Las Vegas Weekly]

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