Would You Rather Have Corvette Horsepower or Handling?

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What matters more to you and your idea of fun and excitement? Is pure and raw power the key to an adrenaline rush, or is pulling 1.3g in a banked sweeper the ultimate in automotive ecstasy? Also, which is more important for overall performance?

The inspiration behind this little inquiry comes from the forum ruckus created after we posted about the fact that the new C7 Grand Sport is faster than the ZR1 at VIR.

In a bit over 50 posts, there has been a long and drawn out discussion about the merits of horsepower versus handling prowess, specifically in terms of track times, daily enjoyment, and superiority. But of course, since this whole discussion is happening in the C7 threads, it might have been missed by a lot of you, so I wanted to bring it to your attention.

I also wanted to post up a nice little poll to get some more concrete data on how Corvette Forum feels about this. So get to reading, get to commenting in the thread, and get to voting.

Horsepower Or Grip?

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