A Happy Ending After All?

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?As I approached the group of 1969 cars, my eyes see this gorgeous Rally Red 427 convertible. It was beautiful. Lightning had struck twice in the same place. I felt the tingle in my stomach. I thought, ?Maybe if I get lucky, the owner might be interested in selling.? I patiently waited for the judges to finish up the car and I approached the owner.

?He said he might consider the selling the car. His name was Keith Busse and he was a collector from the Kansas City area who owned a Corvette museum. All of his cars are Bloomington Gold and NCRS Top Flights. Since the ?69 only came up with a silver, he would have to do some work and try for the gold next year.?

In conversation about the car and its history, Nick got jolted by more. It seems Busse had bought the car at the show ? last year at the dealer’s lot. ?It was the exact same car, my car,? Nick said, ?except he removed the rally wheels and Goodyear tires and replaced them with authentic Firestone redlines and original finned hubcaps that were optional that year. After telling Keith my story, he almost felt obligated to sell me the car. He said for $44,000, less the Firestones and wheel covers, the car was mine. I felt like I had just made the deal of a lifetime.?

Since having the car in his possession, Nick has placed his own Firestones on the car. A good friend, Paul Tsacos, had a set of the original finned wheel covers for sale to complete the package.

?I have enjoyed driving and showing my car since I owned it,? Nick said. ?It’s a special feeling. There are many red ?69 convertibles that are just as sweet or even sweeter than mine, but to me, mine is the sweetest of them all.

?Some things are just meant to be.?

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