Aggressive New Carbon Fiber C7 Corvette Rear Diffuser

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If you own a C7 Corvette and think the rear diffuser is a little too plain-Jane, Ivan Tampi Customs out of Granada Hills, California has created something you might like.

Made with high quality hand-laid carbon fiber, ITC says that the pair of aggressive looking diffusers are easy to install and fit right on top of the factory units. Sounds simple enough!

Ivan Tampi’s model car, seen here, is also fitted with one of its wide-body kits. The company says it will only produce 100 of the 14-piece carbon fiber wide-body kits for the C7, so if this is your type of thing, you should place your order soon.


The full wide-body kit, which includes the pair of carbon fiber diffusers, retails for $14,999. If that is a little too rich for your blood, but you still like the diffusers, they are sold separately for only $1,999.

For more information and a complete list of parts included in the full kit, head to

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