Is It Better to Buy a Higher-Performance Corvette or Upgrade Yourself?

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Here’s a question I bet a few here have pondered: is it better to buy a higher-performance Corvette variant or get the upgrades done yourself?

Now, before everyone starts rushing in to share their opinion, you might want to read up on the story of this custom C5, as highlighted in a recent Super Chevy report. The 2000 ‘Vette is a shining testament to the idea that buying that higher-performance model straight from the factory might not always be the best approach.

The wild black-and-yellow Corvette, owned by Don and Tanya Pauley, puts down 585 horsepower to the rear wheel, making it more powerful than a 2004 factory Z06. But what’s really interesting is how the custom upgrade came about.

For example, the black-and-yellow paint job was a compromise. Don actually wanted a yellow Corvette when the couple bought the car, Tanya wanted a black model.

The engine upgrade, which included the John Lingenfelter team adding a supercharger and bigger
injectors, was prompted after the couple ran the car in its stock form at the Bonneville Salt Flats during a road trip. Essentially, Don just wanted more power. Black-and-yellow custom interior upgrades came later on.

Sure, this custom C5 might be a little too much for some. But one thing’s for certain, you definitely couldn’t buy this at a dealership.

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Via [Super Chevy]

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