Corvette of the Week: The Black Rose Grand Sport

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c7-corvette Grand Sport

A First-Time Corvette Owner Just Bought This Gorgeous Black Rose Grand Sport

Hold your horsepower, ladies and germs, because we may have just come across the hottest C7 Corvette Grand Sport yet.

Obviously that’s a subjective opinion, but it’s hard to argue with that color: Black Rose. Especially when you take a close look at it in the photos below. Is it us, or is that sparkling?

Whatever it is, it’s gorgeous. So big kudos to Corvette Forum member pdiddy972 (presumably not the famous rapper/actor/producer/entrepreneur), who just recently “pulled the trigger” on this sensational new GS — his very first ‘Vette. Kudos indeed.

This fine piece of automotive art comes correct with the 2LT trim, a Black Rose tint coat, upgraded wheels, PDR, navigation, and — perhaps best of all — a 7-speed manual. And though pdiddy’s been breaking her in slowly, he can already tell she’s got it where it counts.

“Even babying it, it’s obvious what’s in store. ,” says pdiddy, as visions of a high-speed future glimmer in his eyes.

Pdiddy just spent the better part of two years, cruising Corvette Forum, figuring out exactly what he wanted in his first car. Judging by the Black Rose beauty sitting in his driveway, we’d say he found it. And he found himself a Corvette of the Week while he was at it.

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