Wild Blown Corvette Pro Mod Crash

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blown vette

Let this serve as another reminder that it’s better to save all that drag racing for the track, and even then, be prepared for the unexpected.

The video below, posted by Urban Hillbilly Videos, shows a blown Corvette Pro Mod hitting the wall at Houston Motorsports Park. According to the caption for the video, the driver was able to walk away from this one, but when the Corvette’s door flew off, it actually grazed the camera person’s leg. Fortunately the intrepid videographer was okay too, but sheesh, talk about close calls!

Now, this may not be the typical kind of run that most Corvette owners would participate in, but I still think it makes a good point: safety is always a good philosophy to live by, whether on the road, on the track, or on the rails watching.

In short, when driving a car like a Corvette, or watching someone drive, always try to be in the safest position possible, just in case things start to get out of control.

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via [Urban Hillbilly Videos]

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