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For 33 years, Corvettes have come with great-sounding Bose audio. Here’s why you should use it.

While nothing in this world goes together quite as well as fast cars and rock ‘n’ roll, most Corvette owners would agree that their favorite song is played by their car’s exhaust.

However, a recent forum thread and a recent article about the Bose stereo system got us thinking: is it an option new Corvette buyers should consider? Well, seeing as Bose audio comes standard on all C7 Corvettes, Chevy has already taken consideration out of the equation for you. However, you do have the choice between a nine-speaker Bose system and a 10-speaker system in the 2LT Corvette.


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Should you option your C7 to 2LT and get the upgraded Bose stereo plus all the other goodies the 2LT package offers? In contrast to the aforementioned recent article, the answer is an unequivocal “yes”. Spend the $4,455. Sure, you could live an adequate life without having any stereo in your Corvette, but what’s wrong with choice? What’s wrong with enjoying music in your Corvette with the best sound system the factory can offer?

And what about Corvettes C4, C5 and C6 when Bose was only an option? We think there’s a romance to a well-optioned C4 to C6. Getting to hear a 1990-plus C4 with the 300-watt Delco Bose Gold Series sound system is like traveling back in time and getting to experience some of the best sound that could be had in a factory system. Yes, C4 Corvette Bose speakers are known to wear out, but preserving them is a step toward preserving history.

Powerful stereos have been a Corvette tradition for 33 years. Maybe not as long as V8 power, a fiberglass body, the crossed-flag emblem, or those iconic twin taillights, but 33 years is still a long time. Yes, we can understand why many owners care little about having the best sound in their Corvettes. If the car is so good, why would anyone care about a small detail like in-car audio? We get it.

But we love music. To us, the Corvette’s sweet exhaust note is a perfect complement to our favorite songs. Music accentuates the driving experience, and when used properly, it won’t drown it out completely. We’re really happy Chevrolet opted to put a high-quality Bose system in the C7 to allow us to enjoy that experience, and we’re even happier that you’ve been able to get high-end factory audio in your Corvette for more than three decades.

Most of the responses to the thread that started all of this reinforced the original post: a significant amount of Corvette owners have only turned on their radios simply to verify they still work. Unfortunately, having a nice stereo is an accouterment many Corvette owners neglect, but we’re glad GM gives us the option to listen to our favorite driving playlist while we enjoy the Corvette experience.

Cam Vanderhorst is a contributor to Harley-Davidson Forums, Ford Truck Enthusiasts, Corvette Forum, and MB World. He is also a co-host of the Cammed & Tubbed podcast.

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