Corvette Forum Member Works to Find C1 in a Barn

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The short story of a Corvette Forum member’s deliberate barn find.

Hearing a story about someone discovering their dream car is always a special event. For some, it is a brand new C7 with every option box ticked. For others, an untouched, full-of-potential C1 that hasn’t run in decades does the trick. Today’s story involves the latter situation, with Corvette Forum member Keeks2915 finding his dream C1 Corvette in a barn.

“After serious sleuthing and patience I was finally able to get in a barn today with the aging owner whose kids have no interest. It wasn’t advertised for sale and I simply cold visited him as a Corvette guy to see if he would let me look at it,” Keeks2915 posted.

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Leery about the some of the car’s aging looks, and seeking more information, Keeks consulted the forum for answers. After hearing positive feedback from multiple members about the car’s potential, he returned again to the barn — this time accompanied by his mechanic son, who assisted in photographing the car from nearly every angle.

After a fair amount of consideration — and other users “threatening” to buy the C1 right out from under him — Keeks bought the 1954 C1! And now he’s ready to start the restoration process. A happy end to the story is more than likely, as he has no plans of flipping the car for profit. Rather, he is going to enjoy the hell out of it.

“I always keep my cars and don’t do the flipping thing; Wouldn’t do NCRS resto but high end driver. I have free labor with my licensed tech son,” writes Keeks.

Cheers to Keeks2915 and his new project! To offer congrats and follow the progress, head over to his photo-packed forum thread!

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