Greatest-Ever C5 Corvette Battle Pervades YouTube

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Kyle Loftis of 1320Video spars with fellow 1320Video employee Cleetus McFarland on who has the better C5 Corvette.

Internet feuds are part of the reason why the internet is alive today. For Corvette enthusiasts, one of the more entertaining feuds is happening between fellow 1320Video partners. Kyle and Cleetus both have C5s, and both have staggeringly different views on how their cars should be built.

Kyle, the lead guy behind 1320Video, used to have a C5 FRC. He’s since had several Corvettes since then, but has always liked the C5 in the color of Speedway White. When he stumbled across a Speedway White C5 Z06 at a drag racing event, he knew he had to have it. He’s named it “Unicorn C5” because fewer than 400 were made in that color, and less than 200 were made with the black and red interior.

Kyle’s vision for his C5 is a unique one. He wants a street car, but with turbos, at least 1,000 horsepower, and an extra emphasis on turbos. That’s a change for Kyle as he’d previously had superchargers on just about everything.

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Building that much power into an engine shouldn’t be too difficult. He can likely get away with a 370ci LQ9 block and something such as a Huron Speed turbo kit for the C5. With parts and everything ordered, the install is being carried out by The Shop, Inc.

The Unicorn C5 is nearing completion as you can see from the video below.

Cleetus, on the other hand, is going the cheap, fast and nasty route. He handles social media and other web-based stuff for 1320, but is sure he’s the faster driver in the faster car. His C5 was bought as a salvage-title car due to being rear-ended. Literally every body panel on the car had been removed, so it’s as bare as a car can be. However, all of the drivetrain was left intact, so with creative magic managing taillights and headlights, the car can be driven on the road … just hopefully not in the rain.

Opposite of Kyle’s build, Cleetus is having his YouTube channel viewers comment on how they want to see the car built. Those same viewers also decided on the name “Leroy” due to the car’s having a special commemorative plate showing the original owner’s name, Leroy.

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Now’s the time to hop on his video and vote your choice. Should he do a single turbo? How about twin turbos, or a supercharger and then turbos to see which setup works better? Or is spray the way to go?

You can vote on the type of power-adder in this video below.

After the builds are complete, they’ll face off and see who’s faster, but the best part is what has to happen afterward. One will have to add a sizable banner sticker to honor the winner, and this is where it gets good. If Cleetus wins, Kyle’s C5 will have to don “Leroy’s Little Bitch”. If the results go the other way around, Cleetus will have to proclaim “Daddy’s Money” somewhere on the C5 skeleton. So who do you think will win? Kyle’s sleek and clean build, or Cleetus’ cheap and rough-around-the-edges-build?

Patrick Morgan is an instructor at Chicago's Autobahn Country Club and contributes to a number of Auto sites, including MB World and 6SpeedOnline.

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