C4 Door Handle Renew and Reconditioning

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1984 to 1996 C-4 Door Handle Re-New /
After years of use in the harsh Canadian
climate, (summer, winter, fall, spring) my C-4 door handles have fallen
victim to finish cracks, stone chips and fading. The finish chips and
cracks revealed the grayish colored aluminum underneath. It looked really
I considered replacing the handles but decided not too because
of the expense and amount of time involved. My biggest fear however, was
the handles were still prone to fading and finish damage. (Back to square
I found a product called �C-4 Door handle Renew�, which seemed
to be a cost-effective permanent fix.
The product is a pre-cut,
black, easy to apply, advance permanent polymer film, that is resistant to
heat, cold, water, salt, moisture and stone chips! The product is
designed to last up to 8 years + ! It comes in 2 pieces, handle and lock
sections. The product is designed to cover the original finish damage and
look great!
C-4 handle re-new Procedure
1 set of 1984 to
1996 C-4 Door Handle Renew / Reconditioning product #5500
Tools –
Sharp hobby knife, 2 pieces of masking tape, rubbing
1)Clean the door handles with
rubbing alcohol and
2)Use 2 pieces of masking tape to remove
the product
from its backing.Place
the tape on the corner the product,
front and back, and separate.
3)Apply the product to the handle,
top to bottom.
4)Use the knife to trim any excess
product ( if necessary)
5)Rub the length of the entire product
with a dry cloth.
6) Finished
Hobby knife – $1.00
Masking Tape –
C-4 Handle Renew Product $19.95 (Canadian)
hope this tip is able to help you repair your C-4 door handles or prevent
damage or fading.
Note : I believe this product is only available
in Canada. If you have a problem locating it, send me an e-mail and I will
send you supplier information

[email protected]

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