C4 Ramps Under $45

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by John Richman

How do you
get under
a C4 to change oil & filter? Conventional ramps are
too steep and perilously
slip. I made a set in the Fall in a
few nights for under $45. Start with
10 clean 2x6x8 pine
boards. Mark 27\” in from each end and draw a line
from top
to bottom. Saw all 10 on that line. That gives you 20 sections.
Glue and using threaded rod, bolt 10 together twice, giving you 2 10 ply
laminates. Stain dark and varnish. Install 2 strong handles on
one side
to move. They weigh near 45 lbs each. They lift the
car gradually 5.5\”
regardless of tire size. They will not
slip. I have pics if you want.
John in Webster, NY

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