Tech Thursday: C5 Exterior

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Your car’s appearance is of paramount importance to maintaining (or increasing)  its value and your desire to drive it, no one wants to be driving around in a POS. So, take care of the paint and clearcoat and the car will be happy to run, and steal lots of admiring glances whenever you’re behind the wheel.

As with everything else, there are many levels of cleaning/detailing and most depend on the amount of time you’re open to spending as they can nearly all be done in your garage. Or you could just hire a detailer. The bottom rung however is the basic wash. Which means using two buckets (one to soak your dirty towel/mitt in to loosen debris, the second as a clean water/soap supply), clean rags or mitts, and washing from top to bottom, using separate rags for the wheels, wheel-wells and rocker panels (they get super dirty). Afterwards, consider clay bar-ing, waxing and polishing. But howwwww? Start here

Why Mod?

Your car could look like one of these…

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