C6 Corvette Front Grille Removal: How-To Spotlight

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Doing a grille swap on a Corvette C6 is easy.

There are a few items on the C6 Corvette that can be swapped out quickly. The front grille is one of those items.

The combination of the front grille, uncovered headlights, and Coke-bottle design of the sixth-generation Corvette made its reveal one for the history books. A lot of us remember being glued to our computers, watching a live feed of the event on a slow internet connection on New Year’s Eve 2004. The C5 had set the bar high, helping to put the Corvette back on the map. Anticipation for the C6 was palpable. When the pictures finally arrived, it stunned ‘Vette fans.

C6 Corvette with an aftermarket grille

While the front grille isn’t the most talked about feature of the C6, it’s stuffed in between the features that were. Today, they still remain the focal point of the car’s design.

Looking past those controversial headlights, you’re left looking directly at the nose and grille of the Corvette. There’s nothing you can do about the lights. But if you don’t like the grille, you can swap it out fairly quickly. Today’s How-To Spotlight article details just how simple this procedure can be.

The aftermarket options for front grilles seem to be almost never-ending. From stainless steel to matte black finishes, body color painted options, and a number of designs in between. Making this swap is something that anyone can do in about an hour. So if you’re looking for an easy and affordable way of making your C6 stand out from the crowd, don’t limit yourself to a stock grille.

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