C6 Corvette Owners Take Their Tops Off

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C6 Corvette in Miami with Targa Top

Of the C6 models, the targa is still the belle of the ball. Especially when owners have it go topless.

At the end of the day, our Corvettes are an escape from all the negative or stressful aspects of daily life. And many of our members from Florida are facing an intense cleanup and rebuilding process after Hurricane Irma.

C6 Corvette Targa

One of our members – slowstang305 from Miami – knows that after the rain comes a rainbow. To that end, he took the opportunity this past weekend to pop his targa top and go enjoy the Florida sunshine.

When you see footage of storms like Irma and the devastation they bring, it makes you wonder how anyone could live in a place that’s at risk for hurricanes. But after seeing slowstang305’s photos, it all makes perfect sense to us.

Several other members took the opportunity to share photos of their C6s with their tops off. It’s a view we don’t often see in photos, but it looks spectacular. In our humble opinion, the C6 is still a great looking car.


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With summer winding down, we implore you to pop your top and enjoy the last of this warm weather before fall rolls in. We’re just beginning that magical time of year when the weather is still warm, but the trees are burning with a rainbow of fall colors.

C6 Corvette Targa

As for the few of us stationed up north, we know how to make the most of our driving season and extend it as long as possible. We crank the heater, cue the butt-warmers, and wait a few extra weeks before putting our toys away for the winter.

C6 Corvette Targa

While we’ve chosen a few of our favorites here, we suggest you check out the forum thread in its entirety. You don’t usually see photos of Corvettes with their targa tops off, but we love them just the same and hope that the thread continues to grow. Are you a C6 targa owner who goes topless? If you haven’t already, add photos of your ‘Vette to the thread! In the meantime, check out some more of the awesome topless ‘Vettes posted by our Corvette Forum members.

HBSurfer sheds the roof to enjoy SoCal’s sunshine.

Forum member PRNDL shared this great shot.

DarkAngelnl‘s Velocity Yellow Corvette is sure to grab a lot of attention.

One very happy Corvette enthusiast takes in the Florida Sun in forum member 1bdvet‘s car.

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