C7 Corvette Sales Just Keep Getting Stronger

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It’s becoming crystal clear that the C7 Corvette might not only be one of GM’s most successful launches in decades, but also that it might be one of the American automobile industry’s most successful as well.

Hell, with the July sales numbers in, it’s getting hard for even longstanding haters of the ‘Vette to dispute those claims.

Building on what has already been one of the most storied new-vehicle launches in recent history, the July sales numbers for the new Corvette hit 6,344 units, and 20,804 C7 Corvettes have now sold through 2014, according to a Motor Trend report.

That’s a year-to-date increase of 227.9 percent, which makes it hard for anyone to dispute the fact that the C7 could go down as one of the biggest automotive hits of this century.

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