Could the C7 be Revving Up for a Few Speed Enhancements?

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Now, before anyone starts quoting my “official” insight, let me forewarn you, it’s really just speculative opinion. It doesn’t come from an “off-the-record” conversation with a GM engineer or an insider source. However, if you consider the influence the C7.R has had on the development of the new Z06, it certainly seems logical that any improvements being made on the racecar could ultimately make their way into future street models of the C7.

We first got news that some changes were underway for the C7.R racecar last week in a report. The story more specifically states that Corvette Racing has been working on improving the chassis on the C7.R ever since the TUDOR United SportsCar championship wrapped in early October.

It’s not that the current chassis is in need of a lot of improvement. In its first year out the gate, the C7.R pulled down four consecutive wins in the GT Le Mans class during the 11-round TUDOR Championship season.

The pair of new C7.R coupes also placed second and fourth in their GTE-Pro debut at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

The team is still, however, looking for ways to improve its performance, which could come down to some very small details. Perhaps some of these improvements might be easily adapted into the C7 production car, especially when it comes to the Z06.


In addition to working with GM Racing and Pratt & Miller Engineering in Michigan, the Corvette Racing team has also been working with the series’ technical department on ways to improve the C7.R’s performance within the rules and regulations that govern the race. Doug Fehan, manager of the Corvette Racing program, said the key is finding ways to improve speed, which I imagine would certainly be welcomed by owners of  production C7’s as well.

“We’ve been working on two different fronts,” Fehan told RACER. “One is obviously vehicle development. The rules are frozen, for the most part, so we’re looking at a bunch of small things – aero enhancements, fuel economy improvements, and all the little areas we’re allowed to modify.”

Now, again, my thoughts here are all speculative, but I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if some of these racing improvements wound up in a street model of the C7 down the road.

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