C8 Corvette Styling: Do You Love It or Hate It?

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C8 Corvette

We’ve yet to see a production C8 Corvette, but that won’t stop Corvette Forum from picking apart its looks!

At this point, we’d be willing to wager that no car in history has been rendered more than the forthcoming C8 Corvette. Everybody with any sort of software skills has come up with their own interpretation of this hotly anticipated model. Some are undoubtedly attractive, others, well, not so much. And despite their differences, Corvette Forum member Raisin Man has noticed a troubling theme present in most of these renderings. One that sparks an interesting discussion in this thread.

“From a design perspective, I continue to be troubled by both front and rear fender heights on most C8 Corvette renderings. These fender heights also seem to reduce or diminish between the top of the C8 passenger cabin and the fenders, which tends to make the C8 look a bit rectangular or more block-like in profile.”

C8 Corvette

Apparently, the OP isn’t the only one who’s noticed this trend. Shaka apparently feels the same way. And he’s come up with a series of renderings that correct the issue.

“Quite right. My beef since the beginning, except for the C8R. If the car looks like this, I’m out. The fenders need to be channeled. My side intake is the only thing right. Channeled, it makes all the difference. Nose forward and lowered a little. I moved the nose forward a bit also to make it look more like the C8R.

C8 Corvette C8 Corvette

We tend to agree as well. But Zaro Tundov chimes in with a valid point about why this particular styling theme continues to perpetuate in all these renderings.

“Two factors driving the new “big boned” styling for all vehicles:

1. Pedestrian safety standards. These force the front end of everything to look like a damn truck.
2. Side impact standards. These force a high beltline so the fenders need to be raised to compensate.

Add to these the C8’s need for both front and rear cargo spaces, and you have higher front wheel arches and a higher rear deck than most mid-engine cars which don’t compromise for cargo.”

Corvetteforum.com C8 Corvette Mid-engine Zora Spy Shots Nurburgring

Then again, elegant notes that maybe we’re just looking at the C8 Corvette all wrong to begin with.

“Many/most new vehicle pictures and renders are taken from a visual perspective of around 24” above the pavement, whereas our eyes average 60” inches above it. We look down on cars in real life, but in pics/renders, we mostly look at them from, on average, from top of the tire height. It makes a major difference.”

Several members, including Zaro Tundov, even feel like GM is pulling one over on us with its test mules.

“Nah, all you’ve seen is the C8 in a fat suit. The camo guys have altered the proportions to make it look ungainly. Once GM drops it on the public this place will be covered in drool.”

One thing’s for sure – if you want to set off Corvette fans, just change the car’s styling. We’ve seen this happen many times in the past, and it’s happening again with the C8. But this is a fascinating discussion, and we’d love to hear your thoughts! So head over here and tell us if you love or hate what you’ve seen in the various renderings and spy shots floating around!

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