Would You Brave a Winter Road Trip in Your Corvette?

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Corvette Winter Driving

Corvette Forum member suddenly needs to move. But is driving his Grand Sport on winter roads really a good idea?

For the most part, few Corvette owners even think about driving their cars in winter weather. Of course, we aren’t talking about certain areas of the country that never see snow. We’re referring to the northern states, places where road salt and slippery surfaces don’t typically mix well with high-powered, rear-wheel drive, summer tire-equipped cars.

But Corvette Forum member GS_Mojo recently found himself facing the reality of taking a winter road trip in his C7. Thus, he headed to the forums for some advice on this potentially harrowing journey.

“I’m moving from upstate NY to the northern NJ this month. I’m trying to figure out the best way to get my GS down there. We have already received a ton of snow, thus, a ton of salt. I have the stock tires on, and I’m wondering – with temps looking sunny and ~30F throughout the trip, do you think it’s worth driving the 300 miles down despite the salt already on the roads?

Would the tires be able to handle the ‘less than ideal’ temperatures/conditions if it does decide to snow? It would be the only winter trip it would have to take and I’d be sure to get the undercarriage cleaned up once I got to my destination.”

C7 Corvette Grand Sport

The OP already considered having the car shipped in an enclosed trailer, but found himself running too short on time. But making a trip like this on summer tires, ~Stingray points out, may not be such a great idea.

“If the temperatures are really 30 or below, I would be concerned driving on the summer tires. There are documented issues with summer tires cracking in cold temps. That said, I think that has more to do with cold tires suddenly heating up and getting bumped from uneven roads rather that just the temperature. Also, the tires will have significantly less traction in colder temperatures.

Has it rained recently, when was the last snow fall? The roads won’t be covered in salt for weeks on end after a snow. Plus, it’s not like you are driving on the salt flats. Wash the car and you should be OK. If you are really worried, wash it more than once or put it on jacks and power wash the underside until you are satisfied there is no salt left.”

Corvette Winter Driving

However, many members, including MMD, have successfully driven their Corvette in winter weather on summer tires. You just have to be extra cautious, of course.

“Two weeks ago I drove back from Bowling Green KY back to Virginia in 30 degree weather. I kept it in weather mode all the way back and drove the car sensibly. When I got back home after driving 680 miles in sleet, snow, and salty roads, the car was laden with salt. A couple of days after I got home I put the car up on race ramps and thoroughly washed the undercarriage. First with a foam gun soaking it, and then with a pressure wash. I did this two times. I proceeded to wash the aluminum wheels and then the vehicle.”

So far, this thread has received a pretty even mix of opinions on this topic. So we want to know what you think. Head over here and tell us if you would/have take(n) your Corvette on a winter road trip, or if you think it’s a terrible idea!


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