Did Cadillac President Just Confirm a Mid-Engine Corvette?

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Mid-Engine Corvette Renderings

It appears we’ve gotten another sign indicating that the rumors of a mid-engine Corvette might be more than rumors after all.

Of course, Chevy officials have vehemently denied that a mid-engine ‘Vette is in the works, but it seems as though Cadillac president, Johan de Nysschen, may have let the cat out of the bag.

When asked by Motor Trend if Cadillac would consider a halo vehicle based on a mid-engine Corvette, de Nysschen had this to say:

“It has to be one of the options that we consider. In the future there are going to be some architectures inside the corporation that will remain purely Cadillac, but then there are others where it just isn’t economically feasible to enter segments by trying to do a unique Cadillac. Then you look at what’s available in terms of corporate assets. And I’m sure you’d agree that a new, very advanced Corvette platform wouldn’t be a bad place to start.”

Sure, it might not be a definitive yes on a mid-engine model, but it certainly suggests that Chevy has something up its sleeve.

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