Is Any Insurance Claim Too Small for Your Corvette?

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There are few things worse than finding a ding on your Corvette from an inconsiderate parker. Although it does gets even worse when you go to the due diligence of parking in just one spot, at the back of the lot, next to a no parking zone, only to find some jerk has wedged themselves into that “no parking” zone and bashed your pride and joy. Corvette Forum member Talon2006 ran into this issue recently, and he posted up some photos of the culprit and the damage.

But what started as a post intended to vent some frustration turned into a discussion about insurance, whether it’s worth it to file a claim, and the difficulty of getting a judge to agree to a fault on the other driver.

That is why I am here. I started to think about all the minor claims that go stagnant or get dismissed, and I wanted to hear some more thoughts from the crowd. Would you guys file for a small claim like this? If more people filed these kinds of claims do you think it would help stop people from being so careless? I am really just looking for some thoughts and discussions on this topic. So hit that thread and get to typing.

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