How-To Tuesday: Best and Worst Corvette Modifications

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ugly corvette mod

It’s pretty safe to say that when talking about a modification to your Corvette, or really any car for that matter, the value is in the eye of the individual swinging the credit card. Just like your favorite sports team, you can probably argue either way to justify your decision. Our object for this Tuesday is to help you hopefully see another side of each story. This week’s How-To Tuesday article, about the best and worst Corvette modifications┬áhas a fairly extensive list. Some of the items on the list make perfect sense, while others, well, they may just be considered a poor decision. Let’s highlight a few.

um C3

The picture above, you may be surprised to learn, was actually NOT a factory option. I went back through many of the C3 build sheet options, because well, research. I still couldn’t find a box to check for alligator exterior upgrade. You may also be stunned to learn that trying to sell this particular Corvette might be a challenge for the owner down the road, as one-off as this likely is. Here’s the deal. If you are planning on keeping your Corvette until you die and then passing it along to your kids, more power to you. However, if you think you may one day down the road want to actually sell your beloved ‘Vette, you may want to pick a color or modification slightly less reptilian.

BA c6

Some people love the look of the C6 pictured above, some don’t. My dad falls on the side of “don’t,” but only because he’s a chrome-loving purist. This picture actually tackles a few of the items mentioned in the article highlighted this week: window tint, custom rims, and suspension modifications. Personally, I love every bit of this C6. Window tint can be not just a fairly quick and easy mod, but also practical. Depending on the size of the custom rim and tire choice, that can also be a good option. Suspension adjustments may or may not come back to haunt you, depending on your application.

After you’ve read the article, let us know your thoughts. Do you have anything to add to the list? What have you done to your Corvette, good or bad? Let us see your Corvette mods!

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