Callaway AeroWagen Offers Hot Spin on C7 Corvette

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Would You Pay $17,970 for This Callaway AeroWagen Conversion?

We have to be honest, some of us were a little skeptical about the AeroWagon when Callaway Cars first started hyping up the concept back in 2013.

Renderings for ideas as bold as this one can often be hit or miss. But now that the idea has actually come to life, we think we’re in love.

In fact, we’ve got our team scrambling, making calls to see if we can land a personal date with this beauty, right now. And we’re willing to bet that we won’t be the only ones eagerly eyeing this latest conversion from the team at Callaway.

The Corvette AeroWagen shooting brake is a hot, practical take on the C7. It’s certain to be a hit with Corvette fans. To pull off the idea, Callaway essentially took a stock seventh-gen ‘Vette and stretched the roof to the rear of the car.

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The AeroWagen’s targa roof is totally removable and is said to significantly increase the cargo space in the Corvette, something that’ll definitely come in handy for those longer road trips that require a little more luggage.

The conversion for the AeroWagen hatch assembly basically involves swapping out the original C7 Corvette’s hatch for Callaway’s creation, as detailed by Corvette Blogger. All of the original hardware and latching mechanisms from the original car are kept intact, making the conversion look as seamless as a factory-built C7.

Even more impressive, Callaway says installation only takes a few hours.

The C7 Callaway AeroWagen will make its official debut at the 2017 Corvette Museum’s annual Bash event, taking place April 27 – April 29.

Cost for the conversion? $14,990 with the “AeroSpoiler,” plus the cost of your own Corvette, of course. The body color conversion will tack on a $2,980 upcharge, according to Car Scoops. You can also buy the AeroSpoiler as a stand-alone option for $1,995.

The model pictured here is a Torch Red Z06 fitted with custom wheels. Which makes the idea even more compelling, right?

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