Be Careful How You Park that ‘Vette

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Corvette parking text

My guess is depending on who is wrong here might go a little deeper than the photo.

Sure, at first glance, the pic that’s posted in a Corvette Forum thread by member Sativa, seems to indicate that the Corvette driver deliberately took up two spots, prompting the Jeep Cherokee driver to make a point. But it also begs the question: why in the world would the Corvette driver take up two parking spots?

I can recall more than a few times parking in a lot and having someone park so close to me later that I could barely open the door of my car to get in.

This could be a case where a Corvette owner just got fed up with dealing with the same situation at work or something.

Then again, the tag for this post – “Don’t Park Like an A$$!”- could hit the nail right on the head in describing a Corvette owner that might be better off by finding a space at the far end of the lot or leaving his ‘Vette at home, as suggested by Corvette Forum member, BWF07.

Either way, the thread has certainly sparked an interesting debate along with a few tips about parking your pride and joy.

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