The Coolest Corvette Boat Ever

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Do you like Corvettes? Do you like offshore powerboats? Do you need 2,700 horsepower? If you’ve answered all these questions with “yes”, can I be your friend? I can’t afford any of these, but because you can, take a peek at the MTI ZR48 — the coolest Corvette boat ever.


This, dear friends, is what happens when you have a boat builder who loves Corvettes a bit too much. The boat was created by Pier 57, based in Tennessee and used the C6 ZR1 Corvette as inspiration. It uses a pair of turbocharged Mercury Marine V8s and a carbon fiber hull. I think they might have missed a great opportunity to use actual Corvette motors, but who can argue with 2,700 horsepower?


The interior is fully Corvette. There are two bucket seats, and a full Corvette dash literally plucked from a ZR1. Stepping into it, you really feel like you are stepping into a Corvette, it just seems to be bouncing a bit more due to the waves.

One detail I absolutely love is the stickshift. It doesn’t actually work that way anymore, but actually controls the throttle and trim of the engines. It’s a great little addition to round off this boat-car hybrid awesomeness.


The price for this beauty? $1.7 million, although that does also include the semi and trailer designed to help manage this magnificent creation.

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