Corvette or Ferrari – The Choice is Harder than You Think

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2015 Corvette Z06 and Ferrari F12berlinetta Novitec Home

Ferrari or Corvette? Those two haven’t ever really been breathed in the same sentence until lately. It’s not that Ferrari has somehow lost its Italian flair; it’s just that the Corvette has gotten really epically good. Sure the two still cost miles apart, and the fit and finish of a Ferrari is still through the stratosphere, but the performance figures have never been this close. And now, it seems that the styling of the two cars has entered a sort of weird symbiosis.

This is the Novitec Ferrari F12.



And this is the new Corvette Z06.


They look so alike that if I were to present these pictures to some non-car people, they would have a really difficult time discerning which is which. So now, not only can you have something that looks like a Ferrari for a quarter of the price, but also you can have something that performs like a Ferrari for a quarter of the price. You know, I once thought how awesome it would have been to be able to live during the 50s and 60s when all of those supercars were just coming out and everyone was freaking out, but then I look at today’s plethora of awesomeness and say screw that!

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