Case for Mid-Engine Zora Corvette Gets Stronger

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New details are emerging that a mid-engine Zora Corvette could really be in the works, despite the fact that some top General Motors officials are denying the rumors.

Apparently, a bit of a battle is brewing over the Corvette’s crossed-flag logo in Australia, with claims that the Red Cross has sole rights to the symbol.

That has some speculating that GM might be trying to introduce a right handed ‘Vette in Australia, as well as a few other global markets, in an effort to push the American sports car further into supercar status, according to a report posted on Corvette Blogger.

If so, a right handed mid-engine Zora, similar to the image above that was originally posted on GM Inside News, certainly would fit the bill.

Speculative? Yeah, of course. Anything pertaining to a mid-engine Corvette is speculative at this stage of the game. But considering that Holden, the Australian subsidiary of GM, is looking for a new halo model to sell in Australia, the case for a mid-engine Zora gets a lot stronger.

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