We Found the Cheapest Running Corvette For Sale in the U.S.

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Cheapest Running Corvette For Sale in United States Corvetteforum.com

This C4 Corvette is rough around the edges, but can be a great entry-way to Corvette ownership for someone.

We aren’t sure about you, but we spend a great deal of time browsing Craigslist. Sometimes it’s to our detriment, but other times it proves to be an excellent exercise in restraint. Case in point, we stumbled across the 1990 C4 Corvette today on Los Angeles Craigslist.

To be frank, we have seen this car before. A lot, actually. Every time the price trends downward just a little bit further. It started at $2,200, but now it’s down to just $1,400. That’s a cost of entry that just about anyone can swing. And, thinking out loud, we suspect this could be great for a young person who is willing to put in a bit of wrench time for their first Corvette experience.

The paint and body is certainly rough, though from 10 feet, it’s perfect for a cheap runner.

The seller is a bit brief with words, citing some recent maintenance items being knocked out. Though, we suspect those are closer to ‘necessary repairs to remain running’ rather than preventative maintenance. We say that because this C4 still needs a bit of work. According to the seller it “starts and drives but Needs a EGR valve.” Taking a guess, this Corvette needs a little more love than just an EGR valve, but it could be worth it to the right buyer.

Cheapest Running Corvette For Sale in United States Corvetteforum.com

For us, we would heavily consider a manual transmission swap and taking this C4 out drifting. With a ride this cheap, we wouldn’t feel bad about cutting up the interior to fit a cage and bashing the doors in doing tandems.

What would you do with the cheapest running Corvette in the United States?

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