Wild Blown C4 Corvette Runs 9s, Can Be Yours

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Blown 1986 Chevrolet Corvette

Big tires and big scoop are there to support big power this C4 is packing.

If we told you that we were showing you a Corvette with a blower and a giant scoop sticking through the hood, you’d be forgiven for immediately picturing a late C3 modified in period. That would be an especially viable guess if we also told you that it was sitting on an extreme set of big & littles, with massive meats out back and pizza cutters up front.

Interestingly enough, we aren’t, though. Apparently nobody told the builder of this wild C4 that such things were way out of style, and we’re glad, especially since the car apparently has the juice to back up its hot rod appearance.

Blown 1986 Chevrolet Corvette

Found on RacingJunk in Fort Lupton, Colorado, this ’86 Corvette is ready to lift the front tires Rocky Mountain High on any dragstrip you can find. According to the ad, it’s powered by a built, blown 383 stroker motor that’s dyno tested at 715 horsepower to the rear wheels at Denver altitude. Imagine the numbers it could put down at sea level!


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It’s good for high 9s at that heady altitude, but buyers in less rarefied air can rest assured that this fire-breathing C4 Corvette will run substantially faster at sea level. Thankfully, it’s NHRA certified down to 8.50, meaning that you won’t immediately have to invest in safety upgrades unless you want to.

Blown 1986 Chevrolet Corvette

Just in case laying down fast times at the dragstrip isn’t your thing, the seller includes a set of street tires mounted on American Racing Torque Thrust wheels. We can imagine this thingĀ  getting real squirrely, real fast in the wrong hands.

Keep in mind that the supercharger and its scoop take up a lot of real estate in your field of view, so keeping this monster confined to the strip isn’t such a bad idea. However you plan to use it, it’s a given that you’ll have the toughest early C4 around wherever you go.

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