Double-Sized Photos of the Week C6 Corvette Gallery

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Corvette POTW (18)

Corvettes are stunning things to look at, and all of you wonderful people love to take pictures of them, rightly so. I was cruising the C6 forum recently, when I stumbled across a thread that’s just for pictures of Corvettes with scenic backgrounds. Obviously, this is a perfect place to grab our Photos of the Week, but I kind of got carried away. You see, there were so many kick ass shots, that instead of the usual 10 photos we use for our gallery, I ended up with a 20-photo mega gallery.

So, if you want to see LOTS of pictures of cool Corvettes sitting in front of some awesome scenery, just click through this gallery. There are plenty of great photos here, and you may even find yourself a new computer desktop background. If I didn’t pick your photo, I apologize, but it was hard enough to cut it down to just 20 photos.

As always, feel free to hop over and post your own photos, or if you reside in one of the other generational threads, maybe start your own to compete. More photos of Corvettes is never a bad thing.

Chime in with your thoughts on the forum. >>

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