Check Out This High-Flying Corvette Maneuver

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Corvette skydive

Here’s a Corvette stunt I doubt many here would be willing to try.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a little adventure. But this one is a bit over the top, especially when it comes to the type of twists and turns I typically associate with riding in a Corvette.

Then again, maybe it’s just me, given my huge fear of heights and wild high-flying acrobatics. That certainly would explain my hesitation to ever try this maneuver featured in the GoPro ad below, starring a C6 Corvette and a couple of lunatics.

The two-minute clip features professional BASE jumper Quentin Lucon using a Corvette as a preparatory launch pad of sorts, before leaping off a bridge for a breathtaking skydive.

Nope, even as a diehard Corvette fan, I have no interest in trying this one at all. Although, I certainly can appreciate Quentin’s thirst for living life on the edge. I just prefer enjoying it while being firmly planted in the seat of a Corvette.

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