Chevrolet Corvette Muffler Guide

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Your Chevrolet Corvette uses a muffler to reduce noise emitted by the engine; exhaust passes through it before exiting out the tailpipe. Mufflers are installed along the exhaust pipe, which is part of the exhaust system. The resonating chamber inside the muffler is the main component that reduces the noise, specifically tuned to cause “destructive interference” – opposite sound waves canceling each other out.

Mufflers that have the capability to decrease backpressure have become
standard on automobiles. Backpressure, a condition where gases that are
destined to exit the exhaust system have a tendency to flow back toward
the engine, is undesirable. Mufflers that reduce backpressure help
boost power output, performance, and increase engine efficiency. This
in turn reduces engine wear.

The new Arvin-designed exhaust on the Z06 Corvette addresses the
differences between stainless steel, formerly used on the system, and
titanium. These include vibration, springback and resonance frequency.
The titanium muffler employs exclusive fabrication techniques and
features a new internal configuration. Combined with advanced acoustic
techniques to tune the muffler, it is capable of meeting the Corvette’s
unique sound requirements.

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