Corvette 1 of 16 Supercars in Nitto’s Battle of the Streets

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You know what March means to me? March means I get another year older, I get to gorge myself on green beer and whisky without getting yelled at, and spring starts. It also means an entire month of listening to people babble incessantly about brackets, rebounds, and other silly basketball related things. But occasionally in the middle of all this madness, a company decides to capitalize with a quality bracket of its own. This March, I found a bracket that we can all get behind: Nitto’s Battle of the Streets event, a series of drag races between supercars. And guess what? There’s a C7 Corvette in the running.

Most every car on the grid is modified in some way, and the C7 Stingray is no different. It features a full APR carbon track pack aero kit, custom headers and exhaust from Magnaflow, and a KW Variant 3 suspension setup. Power is quoted at 480 ponies and 460 pound feet of torque.

There is some stiff competition for America’s pride, and our first drag is against a 700 horsepower GT-R (which doesn’t seem quite fair, if I’m being honest), but I am holding out hope that the ‘Vette will make it through a few rounds at least.

Head on over to Nitto’s slick site to check out the full car list and stats about each of them.

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