C2 Corvette Saves Apple Music Ad

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You typically wouldn’t think a Corvette would be credited with helping to save an Apple ad. Well, especially given the recent news that the tech conglomerate might be revving up to finally buy McLaren, something that’s been in the works for quite some time.

And yet, there it was, a classic convertible C2 being driven by Late Night Show host, James Corden, in one of the first TV spots for Apple Music’s new marketing campaign. The ad debuted during the Emmy Awards this past Sunday. Now, The Drive, the source that first brought the ad to our attention, contends that the spot would actually come off pretty lame without the car.

In fact, the source more specifically calls the ad “not-very-good-but-sorta-funny-ish.” And while we certainly wouldn’t typically associate Apple with the idea of boring, we’re betting most here would probably agree with The Drive after watching the spot.

That said, we would’ve preferred if Corden would have been cutting across the desert in the Corvette with Tadge Juechter sitting shotgun, as they do a little Carpool Karaoke while signing along to “Little Red Corvette.” Then again, I guess that would be more of a Chevrolet ad.

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Via [The Drive]

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