Creative Corvette Seller Concocts Amazing Craigslist Ad

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bald eagle corvette

Bald Eagles and Girls Not Included, but This Craigslist Corvette Does Come With a Full Lifetime Supply of American Awesome!

These kinds of Craigslist ads have been around nearly as long as Craigslist, but that doesn’t stop people from trying to out-awesome each other with each new awesome ad.

The seller of this C7 Stingray 3LT Z51 7-speed manual promises that it is as “Meat & Potatoes” as a sports car gets. While obviously hyperbolic, the ad also leans towards the absurd with lines like “feels like you’re sitting in a Maybach but has whiplash acceleration in 3rd gear at 70 mph.” The seller is clearly looking to pump this car up to potential buyers. But we can’t find fault in that, as it’s done in such a ridiculously over-the-top manner.

The car itself actually sounds like a phenomenal bargain too. He’s asking $43,000 for a car that stickered at $69,000 just a couple of years ago. And it features an options list as long as a bald eagle’s flight range.

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With only 31,000 miles on the odometer, this little red Corvette is just getting broken in for the next owner. It’s already had it’s scheduled major service. The car is supposedly clean, as are the title and carfax reports. With every word, the car sounds like more of a bargain. Better get on the phone now, or this “All-American chariot of the free world” will be gone! He’s not looking for trades unless it’s an Audi R8 or a Lamborghini Gallardo, so don’t bother. Cash or finance, it’s all the same to this American hero.

The best line of the whole thing is the closing sentence where he lists what comes with the car: a case of Coors Light, a large American flag, and a firm handshake. Well howdy do, that sounds like the very beginning of a party!

For contact information and more photos, check out the entire Craigslist ad in all its glory. Then let us know what you think.

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