Former GM Engineer Lands 1955 Corvette Barn Find

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Rare 1955 Corvette Barn Find Begins Journey Back to Original Glory

We’ve often heard it said that “great” barn finds are rare. Oh sure, it’s not uncommon to hear of someone stumbling upon a Corvette that’s been stored away in some garage or under a car port for years. But the chances of finding a rare collectible like this one are pretty slim.

Of course, recognizing a true gem at first sight often requires the expertise of someone with a trained eye. Someone who is familiar with the history of Corvettes.

Take, for example, this 1955 model that former General Motors engineer Jim Wallace happened upon. It sat untouched in a Michigan barn for 38 years, as highlighted in a Super Chevy report. And buried underneath those decades of decay and neglect, was a Corvette with a 265-cubic-inch V8 engine, one of only 700 produced. The car is actually painted in Pennant Blue, one of roughly 45 models painted in that color, before it was discontinued.

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Wallace, who has owned a few Corvettes over the years, actually learned about the ’55 while at a dinner party. He happened to be seated next to another retired GM employee by the name of George Cromer, who told him he owned the car, which had been parked in Cromer’s garage for nearly four decades.

The two men exchanged contact information. Then after seeing the car, Wallace decided to buy it.

Wallace has since sent the car to D & A Corvette in Illinois, where it will undergo a total body-off restoration with hopes of returning the car to its original factory state. The entire process is expected to take roughly two years. But we’re sure it will be quite a show piece upon completion.

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