Corvette Crushed by Mudslide Damaged Retaining Wall

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A Mississippi retaining wall had enough of this C6 Corvette

Say what you will about the drawbacks of a fiberglass body, when a retaining wall caves in on top of your car, it doesn’t matter what the exterior is made of. Sadly, for the owner of this red C6 Corvette in Vicksburg Mississippi, that’s exactly what happened earlier this month. Fortunately, no one was harmed in the incident.

Edit: Earlier versions of this article said this was a Grand Sport. Nope, it just has the markings of one, which you can buy for about $1 a foot and put on yourself. A little tricky, but the readers who caught it were correct. 

From what the photos portray, the car’s front end escaped the cave-in, for the most part. But its hindquarters were less fortunate. At least one wheel is completely hewn from the vehicle. We’re confident saying it won’t be hitting the road again before a long visit to the repair shop.

Heavy Duty Damage

The wall was located at the corner of Washington and Clay Streets near The Lofts at First National, where the adjoining building is home to a bank, as well as the 10 South Rooftop Bar and Grill. The cause of the cave-in has been reported as a mudslide.

Heavy rainfall in the area apparently made the soil unstable. Father Tom Lanor, a pastor at the St. Paul’s Catholic church that neighbors the damaged wall, described the rainfall as the worst he’d seen in a lifetime.

The church’s property manager reported the collapse took place around midnight, and that about five vehicles in total were damaged in the incident. What appears to be a white Chevy HD pickup truck was parked next to the Corvette. Perhaps it was better equipped to deal with the falling debris.

Cleaning the Mess

Clean-up crews were on the scene the following day to remove the debris, which was blocking customer access to the bank.

Reviews of the new C7 Corvette Grand Sport have been extremely positive. Maybe this will encourage the owner of the damaged C6 to take the plunge on an upgrade. Silver linings, right?

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