Corvette Carnage in Norway

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Here’s another reminder of what can happen when you’re not careful when behind the wheel.

I know, I tend to harp on the safety thing a lot, but I think it’s an important part of appreciating a high-performance car like the Corvette. It’s not that I’m suggesting Corvette drivers are more prone to accidents — they aren’t  — but if this photo gets just one person to be a bit more cautious, I’d say it’s still worth posting.

The image captured in Norway shows the mangled remnants of a ‘Vette after the driver lost control of the car on a highway while traveling too fast, according to a GTspirit report.

Apparently, the Corvette hit a barrier, jumped into another lane and then crashed into an oncoming car, causing a few other vehicles (including a Dodge Ram … yes, a Dodge Ram in Norway) to wreck.

Amazingly, no one was seriously hurt in the accident; however, it certainly is a reminder of what can happen when one doesn’t respect all that power under the hood.

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