Corvette Drops to Third on Most-Read-About Vehicle List

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Ford F-150 and Ford Mustang now claim top two spots on most-read-about vehicle list.

It appears that some highly buzzed about Ford vehicles have dethroned the Corvette from atop a list of a different kind.

According to a PR Newswire report, the most read-about vehicle online is the Ford F-150, a spot the Corvette had held for quite some time. The second most highly read-about vehicle is the Ford Mustang. Our beloved Chevy sports car came in third on the list, based on data compiled by the advertising and marketing index company Swoop.

The digital research company provides a quarterly ranking for all vehicles sold in North America based on how many views related stories about the vehicles get online.

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Why the drop for Corvette for the first quarter of 2017?

We suspect that it could be due in large part to all the buzz about Ford performance models like the Raptor and the Shelby GT350. Although, one would think that all the hype over the new Corvette ZR1 and mid-engine C8 model would have helped give the Chevy car a powerful hold on the top spot.

But on a positive note for Chevy, the brand did reclaim its crown when it comes to the sum total of all pageviews of articles, a spot that Ford held in the fourth-quarter of 2016. So, you could say that while Corvette might have lost an individual battle, Chevy won the war.

Well, at least for a quarter.

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