The Corvette ZR1 Is Definitely Coming!

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Leaked screenshots reveal it’s not about if, but when, Chevrolet unveils the latest and greatest C7 Corvette.

Despite not having any official word from the automaker, more than a handful of hardcore ‘Vette sightings should just about confirm the ZR1’s existence. Corvette Forum has shared with you photos, and even videos of beefed-up Corvettes lapping Laguna Seca, as well as undergoing different testing procedures.

This time, it’s a screenshot taken directly from General Motors’ Ordering Workbench system. It clearly shows that the ZR1 trim is now updated in the computer system. The folks at Corvette Action Center got a hold of the screenshot, and their source claims that the image came up during the order flow for a 2018 Corvette Z06.

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This certainly means we’re closer to the launch of what will most likely be the fastest production Corvette ever. Updating computer systems and generating marketing supplies typically follow a future vehicle’s testing phase. However, these are usually kept under wraps until the last minute to avoid leaks. So, whether the ZR1’s announcement is around the corner, or Chevy is jumping the gun, only time will tell.

One thing is for sure, though: sooner or later, the Corvette ZR1 is coming!

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