Corvette Forum Members Weigh In on How to Spec a Z06

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Figuring out exactly how to spec that Z06 might be the toughest part of the whole Corvette buying process. But it looks like there’s a general consensus on some must-haves, at least among Corvette Forum members in this thread titled, “How Would You Equip Your 2015 Z06?

One of those rallying specs would be the 3LZ package. It certainly seems like the way to go.

“…I wouldn’t even try to second guess the 3LZ. Why not go all the way if you can afford it?” asks Arcticblast.

Hard to disagree with that, although BOBSZ06 puts up a pretty valid argument for going with the 2LZ: “I went with 2LZ. The comp seats are not Nappa. I didn’t see any benefit with respect to the suede parts in the 3LZ, so I saved my $3,500 for the CFZ aero.”

I get the sense that most in the thread would agree that if you don’t plan on taking your Z06 to the track, there’s really no need for the Z07 package, which is kind of ironic given the fact that the Z06 itself is all about the track.

George Vee

The color choices vary from Shark Gray Metallic with a Red Interior, as displayed in the top photo posted by C7_Z06, to Torch Red with the Red interior as posted by George Vee’s Z06 (pictured just above).

When it comes to wheels, it seems most people on the thread have opted for the black ones, although silver wheels still have a fan base, too. But that’s what happens when you have so many options; you can please everyone.

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